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If there’s one reason that I like being a Photographer who specializes in Indian Wedding Photography, it must be for the beautiful colors in weddings.

Spending time with your friends and family for any kind of celebration is always fun, imagine having them for days to celebrate the most important day in your life is an ultimate joy. Maneesha and Clayton’s Indian Wedding was not a day but rather 4 days of ultimate fun with their closed ones.

Although the couple’s are from DC, they planned their wedding in one of the most beautiful venue Canyonwood Ridge in Dripping Springs since their families are based out of Texas. 

It all started with Haldi on Day 1.

Haldi is one of most favorite part of capturing the Indian wedding photography. The more people are, the better and you hit jackpot if the couples friends are crazy as mine. Friends make the best days for couples. Being open to friends suggestions for some fun posing ideas is the key. I love to take friends suggestions and tweak a little to what I have in mind. 

Combining multiple events on the same day or spread out on different days, usually it’s completely based on couple’s/family/friends availability. In the case of my couple’s, they had planned their Haldi & Mehendi on the same day which is perfect if your guests are flying in from different parts of the country. Checkout the our other blog post on henna posing and henna artist in Austin if you are looking for one.

The day 2 and 3 was traditional western wedding followed by Indian Wedding & Reception at Canyonwood Ridge in Dripping Springs. With over 400 guests in attendance for their big day, it was one of the well planned wedding I have ever witnessed. Checkout the wedding pictures in the next blog post here!

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