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Henna or Mehendi ceremony is a part of every wedding, couples families hire Henna artists where family and friends join them as well. Bride’s henna is full hand one, which takes up somewhere between 3 – 4hrs whereas the family & friend’s henna is a short one.

I love posing in general, that is one of the aspects of photography that I love the most. Posing is like a puzzle, not one pose that fits all. Henna posing can be categorized into two, showing off Henna paste on the day of the ceremony. The other one would be deliberate posing just to show the Henna stain on the wedding day. 

Having the family and friends included in some shots, coming up with some playful poses is a great way to get some varieties. 

I usually request Henna artists if the bride can take a break for a few minutes of portraits session, this also gives both of them some time to stretch. But be mindful of the artist’s time while you are borrowing bride for the portraits.

Giving meaningful purpose to show the Henna stain is the best way to pose. I love posed candids that involve the bride making some sort of adjustments to her hair/jewelries/dress always a big hit.

I wanted to dedicate this post to all the lovely and talented Henna artists in Austin. Here’s the post to the contact details of all the Henna Artists of Austin.

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