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The Vintage Villas near Lake Travis is a gorgeous sight with the water reflecting the sun and the lush greenery. I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a wedding at Vintage Villas at Lake Travis. It started with the groom’s mother introducing me to the couple, and when they asked me to be their photographer I was overjoyed. Photography is my passion for the sole reason of capturing other people’s memories in a way it must be remembered, and Peter’s and Courtney’s wedding could be summed up with one word: a dream.

Everything about it was a dream: the joy in everyone’s faces, the moments filled with emotion, the beautiful scenery, and the gorgeous couple. They complemented each other perfectly. Peter was more down to Earth whereas Courtney was lighthearted and cheerful. Together they made an incredible team.

Peter and Courtney hadn’t seen each other until the ceremony started at sunset, and Peter’s priceless reaction as his soon to be wife walked towards him was a beautiful sight. That moment was gorgeous. The music. The love. The smiles. The soft eyes reflecting golden light.

Kudos to Ace’s High Productions for the lovely sound, and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking. They made everyone dance, including me. I’ve always loved weddings, and this wedding reminded me how much I loved shooting weddings. Congratulations to Peter and Courtney for making a dream wedding a reality.

Amazing Vendors:

Venue: Vintage villas at Lake Travis

DJ: Ace’s High Pro

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